Illustrator for board and card games

I’m Thijs Rozema and I’m a passionate and versatile illustrator who finds joy on creating board and card game artwork. With my diverse skill set in illustrations, design, and concept art, I’m dedicated to bringing your game ideas to life with captivating visuals.

Proven expertise in game artwork

I have a good experience in delivering high-quality illustrations that seamlessly integrate with game mechanics. Whether it’s the dynamic character and immersive game objects of the “Blasting Billy card game“, the enchanting world of the “Ice Floes & Foes board game“, or the thought-provoking storytelling in the “Mercy Ships board game“, my artwork adds depth and enhances the gaming experience!

Collaborate and elevate your game

Collaborating with me means receiving personalized attention and exceptional creativity. From character designs to concept art, I have the versatility to meet your unique artistic requirements. I am committed to working closely with you throughout the creative process, ensuring that your vision is translated into visually stunning illustrations that resonate with your audience.

Bring your board or card game to life

If you’re ready to embark on a visual adventure and elevate your board or card game, as a board game illustrator I am here to help. Contact me today, and together we can create an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience!

Get in touch!