For the fifth year anniversary of the card game Claim, White Goblin Games asked five illustrators to each design 2 factions, in their own style. I was lucky enough to be one of those five illustrators.

I picked the two factions: Goblins and Trolls and designed for each ten versions of the same character. First of all, I really like the original art of Claim, so it was a challenge to not just copy that style. In order for me to come up with what I did, I asked myself what would I like to see differently. And came up with that I wanted to see the characters be more present on the card and fill up more space. In my opinion this makes the character jump out more and gives them more life. Linework I tried to keep as minimal as possible and I worked mostly with just light and shadows to create the forms. Because the cards are fairly small I wanted to keep the amount of details low and work mostly with bigger shapes. For the same reason I didn’t want to use too many colors. But each faction bring out mostly two main colors to the forefront.

I concept sketched all the characters and with the OK from White Goblin Games I made them into a final version. It took me one month to finish all these characters and I had a blast working on them.

Below you see three stages of progress: the sketching stage, the work in progress stage and the final version.

Claim Character Concept Sketches LineUp 1
Claim Character WIP LineUp 2
Claim Character Final LineUp 3